All article orders accepted by Saber - Comércio e Representações, Lda. detainer of the brand “Beinmove”, are under the following Terms of Use that will be part of the Sale Agreement.
The formalization of the order will imply the acceptance of these Terms of Use that are agreed between “Beinmove”, and those who desire to purchase through the Online Store, who are hereafter assigned as "User”. Whether are they final customers (public) or resellers (having establishment or other form of sale to the final customer).
The Online Store user will have the right to free access the public provided information, although Beinmove reserves its right to limit the access to information, promotions and special offers to its registered Users.
Any individual that accesses the Beinmove page has the right to be registered as User, being able therefore to apply for the special offers designed to all the Users, or to a particular group of Users, if they fulfill the concrete offer terms that are specific for each product.
The public information included on the Online Store of Beinmove, of  its own, as well as of brands, articles, logos and manufacturers of provided articles, are protected by legal disposals on Rights of Protection of Intellectual and Industrial Property, therefore it is not permitted the copy, transmission, transfer, alienation or use by the User for other purpose than the one advertised, or its virtual publication without the express consent of Beinmove, of the manufacturer of the article or the owner of the brands and logos.

The actual terms of use have the purpose to provide and to define all the necessary information for the User about the order modalities, sales, payment and delivery of the purchases made on the Online Store of Beinmove.
These terms regulate all the order steps, to ensure the monitoring of the process by the Contracting Parties.

The User will have to fill all the required fields, designated with asterisk.
After register, the Beinmove will send to the User in a stated period of 48 hours an email in which it will inform about the acceptance or not of his demand of register.
The User commits itself to assure the privacy of his own password, being Beinmove free of any responsibility caused by incorrect use or negligence of the User, in fulfilling his obligation of confidentiality of access data.

To have establishment or another form of selling to the public proven through the sending of the commercial certificate of the company that commercializes in this area or the beginning of activity certificate, in order to be validated as such.

The transaction of an order by the User implies the full and unconditional acceptance of the prices and description of the available products for sale, as well as, of the use terms that will be the only ones applicable to the agreement.
Beinmove will respect the orders received only within the limits of available stocks. In lack of product availability, Beinmove is committed to inform the User as soon as possible.

The User can place his order in the following ways:

a.     With the local sales agent
b.     Online: www.beinmove.com
c.     Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
d.     Phone: (+351) 229 446 430
e.     Fax: (+351) 229 446 428

When making his order, the User will express his full and complete acceptance, of the general sales terms, prices and description of the products included in that transaction. These general sales terms will be the only relevant between the two parties.
Any issue on this last point will be decided through an exchange of information.
In lack of availability of the product Beinmove is committed to inform the User and to reimburse him of the sums that eventually he had paid in the maximum stated period of 30 (thirty) days counting from the date of the awareness of that non-availability.

The order will be delivered at the address indicated by the User.

The delivery time depends on the shipping destination. If you wish to know the average delivery time to your country, kindly send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting the information you need.


The prices presented at the Online Store of Beinmove must be understood in Euros (€), with taxes included.
They are considered valid except in the case of existence of errors or omissions, such as computer or release failures.
The prices presented in the order process always correspond to the prices in the existing updated market, but they must be considered valid only when visualized in a refreshed page (pages not refreshed, can show incorrect prices). The price displayed is guaranteed only in these conditions and only when properly registered.
Beinmove reserves the right to, at any time, and unilaterally, modify the price of the articles or services offered by its Online Store without warning.
In case that it is noticed change in the price lists of articles for sale, such situation will compel to an update of the announced prices. Occurring this situation with any article of an order, and in case that this implies a price increase, the User will be immediately informed, and may later choose between keeping his order, paying the difference or proceeding to its annulment.
Our products are shipped from Oporto, Portugal. In the case of a package is shipped to a country that requires the payment of custom fees, all taxes that may result of custom fees, storage, etc are buyer's responsibility to solve and pay for the clearance of the product. The order information regarding the products will be together with the package itself.


Beinmove provides the User with the following modalities of payment:

a.     Bank transfer (IBAN PT50.0033.0000.0000 0343803 97)
b.     Cash
c.     Paypal

The payment will have to be carried through in a maximum stated period of 7 business days after order submitting. Exceeded this stated period Beinmove is entitled to consider the order cancelled.
At the time of the formalized order, and once accepted, it is understood that the User unconditionally has accepted the agreement of purchase and sale which obliges the parties.
The order will be pursued only after receiving the payment.

Beinmove will make all efforts to guarantee maximum privacy and security of the data transmitted through the Internet, as it is said in the privacy terms.

We have free delivery on all products when the shipping country is within the European union. Shipping fees to other countries can be consulted using the tool "Shipping estimative".

When receiving the order, the User should verify the state of the articles.
Any complaint will have to be made in the maximum stated period of 15 days.
In the case of products with defect or damage, the User will have to contact Beinmove and inform about the nº of his order, the reference of the product and to describe the problem, by:

a.     Phone: (+351) 229 446 430
b.     Fax: (+351) 229 446 428
c.     E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After verification, if Beinmove finds it rightly, the exchange of the article will be made, for the same product or another one of the same price, if there isn’t any in stock.

The order will be delivered at the address provided by the user during the order process. The merchandise will be delivered by a transport company, together with the document that includes the information that enables to identify the user, the order, the price and the articles it implies.
For a delay in the delivery exceeding 20 days on the payment date, and when this delay is attributed to Beinmove, the user, through a written complaint, can cancel the order unilaterally, accepting the parties that they will not proceed to no claim or claim for damages, actual or future, direct or indirect, nor under the modalities of forthcoming damage or loss.

Every article will remain property of Beinmove until it is received the payment of the total sum.

a.      Keeping personal data private and secure, in accordance with the established within the effective Portuguese legislation on protection of data, as well as not to spread, transmit or publish these data without consent.
b.     Not to receive promotional emails or advertisements, except with express consent.
On request, to perform queries, changes and withdrawal of personal data that is included in the database of Beinmove.
c.      To have free access to information from the Online Store of Beinmove.
To give up/to revoke the requested order unilaterally, according with the prescribed by the Portuguese law.
d.     In case of proceeding with this right of cancellation, the return cost and the defects caused in the merchandise are borne by the User.
e.     Beinmove will not reimburse expenses of expedition, products manipulated by the User, or returned without the original packing.

a.      To respect the purchase pact once the order accepted, with the opportune payment of the agreed price.
b.     To strict the use of information published by Beinmove within a personal/ commercial relationship. Not to reproduce, to alienate or make use of information published by Beinmove without express authorization.
c.     To  use ethically the purchase service provided by Beinmove on its Online Store, abstaining from manipulating the contents, or from intervening with its informatics media through virus or other behaviors forbidden by Law.
d.     To conserve and to keep in safe place his access data.

a.     To modify or to suspend the Online Store without advance warning.
b.     To modify the articles or service price without advance warning.
c.     To refuse orders due to lack of stock or user failure.
d.     To receive the sum of the user purchases once the transaction accepted.
e.     To suspend the user account if he shows abusive behavior.
f.      Not to accept refusal of merchandises or orders that can be considered, for their special characteristics, adequate to the requested by the user.

Beinmove and its administrators decline any responsibility for damages of any nature, derived from lack of precaution, inadequate use or recklessness, in the use of articles for sale at this online store.
When placing an order the user declares to be older than 18 years and that he isn't legally incapacitated.

It is given the assignment of Newsletter Beinmove, to e-mailings, promotional offers, and institutional information sent directly to the User email. The User will be able to accede and to modify its data at any time in “my account” and to manage his newsletter subscription in “Newsletter”.

All the elements of Beinmove page, visual or sound, including the subjacent technology, are protected by patent or brand copyrights and they are exclusive copyright of Saber - Comércio e Representações, Lda.
The User who has an Internet site and wishes to place for personal use, a simple link direct to the homepage of Beinmove, must obligatorily ask for authorization to Saber - Comércio e Representações, Lda. It is not, in this case, an implicit convention of affiliation or partnership.

On the other hand, any link or hypertext directed to the Beinmove page that uses the technique of framing or of in-line linking is formally forbidden.
In all cases, any link, even tacitly authorized, has to be obtained with a simple request to Saber - Comércio e Representações, Lda.